It seems everywhere you look you see people using facebook. For those of you still living in the dark ages, Facebook is a Social Networking site built to keep you in touch with people.

Unfortunately you have those users who use facebook as what I like to call a "virtual highschool" posting pictures, status' and videos about other people so the whole world knows your personal affairs. Fighting and arguing like a bunch of pathetic highschool kids! No offense to highschool kids but when an adult over 30 acts 16 - they are pathetic.

My facebook friends list has become slimmer due to such people, ones I know in person who instead of confronting me about skelletons in their closet, decide to post it on the Internet and talk behind my back all the while smiling in my face. That my friends is more insulting than a physical slap in the face. That is something you do in highschool like writing on your rivals locker -- similar to writing on your rivals facebook wall. Grow up.

It's silly, it's immature and it's sad. Sad because most of these people actually doing this are adults. To most it's "Just a website" but I do all of my social networking for my blog through facebook & Twitter - some things should be kept offline because these are two seperate worlds to me.

I feel bad for those people whose lives revolve around making others miserable. At least on facebook there's a delete button.



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