Birthdays are a fun excuse to celebrate the day you were born by being showered with gifts and more gifts. This year, my birthday was an excuse to redecorate the bedroom.

My dh & I have been together for almost 7 years (on September 29th to be exact) and in these 7 years, raising our 2 beautiful kids together, we have purchased household items. Mostly for the kids like beds, bedding, couches electronics, fridge, stove, etc you get the point.

The one thing we never purchased together was a comfortable bed. So, instead of a bunch of gifts I probably would like more than actually used, we got a new bed! Not just any bed, a theraputic bed which is really going to help my hips, legs & back which usually ache all night long on the old mattress.

Now with a new bed you need new bedding right? On my actual birthday we were out shopping for just that. Not only did we find a colour we both love but they were on sale too, that's always a plus.

We weren't supposed to have it delivered until next week but the original mattress set we had ordered was out of stock so they rushed us the best ones they had, for the same price.

Tonight is test drive night #1 - we are both too exhausted to do anything but sleep, we'll enjoy the comfort instead (lol).

Until next time...Keep dreaming always...




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