Five days left until dd is back to school on her first day of grade 1. I wrote a post about this a week ago, I'm feeling a little anxious about how she will adapt to full day real school. Not so much now, I think she'll be okay. I'm more nervous than she is!

Now I'm feeling even more anxious about back to school because we haven't received any letters, lists or anything regarding school. Last year they waited until the last-minute. Two days before school began we got the bus schedule which was messed up I may add, and on the first day of school the teachers sent home lists and letters with the kids.

I'm not sure if they are going to do the same so my best bet is to call tomorrow morning since I haven't received anything today, and tomorrow is Friday.  This too shall pass and we'll figure it out, but it doesn't mean it doesn't rack my brain thinking about it!

This week has been really busy and quite an interesting Wednesday morning I'll tell you about that in another post ;)

Until Next time...Keep Dreaming Always!




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