Today was back to school - Day 1. From my point of view the day had begun alright. I was capable of getting up with my six A.M. alarm,taking the chihuahua out, taking a shower and starting the coffee before DD was awake and ready to go for her first day of school.

Soon after the rest of the family started waking up, including Zeus, our big dog. I let him outside to do his business, it was still raining out too.  When Zeus came in I immediately told him to STAY because he needed his feet wiped of mud (or what we thought was mud). As I'm getting an old cloth to clean his feet dh comes half asleep walking down the stairs and Zeus sees him. He dashed across the kitchen, livingroom and part of the stairs spreading not only mud but POOP all over the floor. Less than 20 minutes to get DD to her bus and THIS happens NOW?!? This was not a very good morning, so dh goes to bring dd to her bus stop. What do you know, the bus drives RIGHT by them without stopping. Dh had to walk her to school, on her first day in the rain. This was not a good morning!

According to DH when he arrived at the office with dd they seemed completely unorganized and confused. Let me guess, another year dealing with a school staff who are disorganized?  Dh even told them we never got a letter and the response "You didn't? Thats odd" WOW. Anyway there was more mix up when dh was told to bring dd to the gym where her class was. Nobody at the gym. Finally the secretary told another student to show dd to her class and off she went. The poor girl!

What upsets me is that we actually TRIED our best to be as organized as we could with the little resources and little help we received from that school. I sent dd off with the basics: Bag, lunch, extra shoes, pencil-case with 2 pencils and a sharpener, extra clothes etc. I really hope her day is better than the morning was. I'll have to update once she's home. Let's hope she doesn't get forgotten again!

Update: Dh picked up dd from the bus stop and spoke to the bus driver who is also the morning driver. We had the right stop, bus but the schedule time was 10 minutes later than the actual time she runs the route. So now everyones schedules are set up properly.  DD said that school is awesome, she enjoys being there full days. She said she likes her teacher and she likes to be able to go play in the big kid yard in school. I'm happy shes enjoying the first two days, lets hope this positive thinking continues when the homework begins next week!

Until next time, keep dreaming always!




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