Fall and I have a kind of love/hate relationship this year. I love the change in season, back to school, the leaves changing colours and all that but what I hate about fall? Everything you can catch and it seems this year we have caught some pretty good ones.

Within the first week of school K brought home a cold which infected the entire house except me who was busy and exhausted taking care of everyone while trying to keep the house as disinfected as I could. Runny noses and bad tempers seemed to diminish half way through last week and by the weekend whatever this sickness is came back full force as a flu. D was lucky, he only has a stuffy nose which causes him to be really difficult sometimes but hubby got it the worst. He caught a terrible case of the  flu.

On top of that we had another type of scare. Through a letter K brought home about lice in the class, the same letter we get every year. This time they thought K may or may not have had nits so we took every precaution, treatment and all. We can proudly say that this house is clear! What a scare and a disgusting one at that (double ew!).

This has been quite the beginning to what looks like a long fall. Hopefully things will start looking a little healthier for us before Thanks giving and Halloween roll around.

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