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The first week of school is finally over and let me tell you it has been a busy one, we are looking at busy over the next several weeks in fact. 

We began the school routine as of Tuesday morning, getting up at 6am but making sure everything was ready the night before so we weren't running around crazy. Unfortunately her first morning back did not go as we had planned (see post on that). Despite the ugly first morning, DD had a great first week at school. We even got a note from the teacher saying she's off to a good start. This puts a lot of my mommy-anxiety to rest knowing that this year, things are looking alright compared to last year. If anyone remembers we had a really  hard time with discipline when she was in SK. Notes from the teacher and even phone calls not even a month into school, doesn't make a mom or child feel very good either. 

Needless to say I'm proud of how things are looking as far as school goes, even a slight progress is still progress! Now, lets see how the rest of the year will go!


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