It's bad enough I hate getting up early but worse having to get up early and everybody is disorganized. As much as I try to stay organized lately it just feels like things are in a tornado all the time, nothing goes the way I plan it.

I make lunches the night before, I make sure the house is tidy and all important things like clothes etc placed in view for the next day so nobody is frustrated trying to find their things in a mess.

This morning hubby had to leave early and I was in charge of taking the two kids to K's bus stop for 8:50am. No problem, whats one extra kid to bring along?  I had everything organized jackets on, lunch in bag, keys in hand and we leave. We made it to the bus stop with minutes to spare and just as the bus is turning the corner she says it "Mom! I left my bag at home!"

Several emotions ran through me as I tried to think of a quick fix as the bus was coming down the street. Panic, I looked at the house, then over to D sitting in his stroller pointing that the "buck" was coming. Theres no way I could run with a stroller in time to get her bag, even though the house is only feet away from the stop. Frustration, as I see the bus making its stop "How could you forget your bag!". Guilt and love, K was starting to worry, she had the "Oh no!" deer caught in headlights look but then I told K not to worry, that mommy would walk to the school and leave her bag at the office for her. And that I did. After we put K on the bus D and I ran back home, grabbed the bag and jetted it to the school. 

As much as I really did not want to walk all the way to her school pushing my dinky umbrella stroller at 8:00am this morning, I did it. I sucked it up and did what any mom would've done. I couldn't leave her looking like she didn't do her homework and with no lunch on a Friday. Funny enough when I dropped off the bag at the office and said "My daughter forgot her bag at home" the secretary said "Let me guess, Kylie?" Wow. I guess she's already known on this forgetful friday! I can just imagine now how many times I'm going to have to cover for this girl as she grows up and you know what? I'll do it every time, as long as I can.

Until next time...keep dreaming always,




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  2. Quick thinking, Mama! :) I hate being in situations like that where I just freeze and the most logical and simple answers (like walking the bag to school and leaving it at the office) would not even occur to me. I swear, I *used* to be a quick thinking and seemingly intelligent person...LOL!

    Great post. You're a super awesome Mom!

  3. We mom's do what we have to do.. I'm sure there will be a lot of those days for me also. So far I just have a pokey boy.. who may be late for the bus if he doesn't start moving.. lol


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