Movie Review: ALPHA & OMEGA 3D

I've always been a fan of animated films, especially when they began making computer animated and now 3D films. Luckily yesterday was a beautiful day because we had planned a very special event for our little girl. She was going to see her very first movie in theatre. We attended a movie screening on behalf of Maple Pictures Corp of Alpha & Omega 3D!  

Even though some people we invited couldn't make it, it was still a wonderful day! Everyone had a great time but what matters most is that is was for the kids!



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We dedicated the entire day to the kids, inviting friends of ours along with their daughters for the event. Everyone got here promptly by 9:15am and the adults chit-chatted over coffee for a bit while the kids played before heading off to the Silver City Cinema here in Ottawa.  The men stayed home with the little guys who were a little too active to sit still for an entire movie so, it was mommy-daughter movie day! The girls were so excited because each of them was about to experience their first movie in theater. It was a wonderful experience! We left the house with smiles and came back with even bigger ones. When we returned from the movie the kids played and coloured while the adults socialized enjoying a lunch of hotdogs afterward.  Nice of everyone to join us who could, thank you again!    

Alpha & Omega is an animated 3D adventure starring Hayden Panettiere, Christina Ricci, Justin Long and Dennis Hopper. Its directed by Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell with music by David Fullmer. Kate and Humphrey are two wolves from two different ends of the pack. Kate is an Alpha wolf, the trained disciplined leader on top of her game, while Humphrey is a laid-back fun-loving jokester hanging around with his just as fun-loving Omega's at the bottom of the barrel. When Kate finds out she is to marry a rival Alpha male to unite the two sides but Kate, along with Humphrey end up in a wild adventure when they become captured and relocated in a wildlife park together and have to do what it takes to get back home where there is trouble between the two rival wolf packs. Throughout the adventure of hitchhiking, hungry bears, cliff hanging and sliding on logs they learn that when it comes down to it, differences sometimes don't matter.      

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This was our first 3D movie and I have to say it was really fun. The animation was excellent, especially with the 3D effect that kept the girls engaged throughout the movie. It had comedy and romance which was nice to see in the storyline. The music was great, there was a particular howling scene the girls found amazing and the action was non-stop. The movie is about wolves so there might be some parts that younger children might find a bit scary but the girls really enjoyed it and couldn't stop smiling when we left the theater.  As a parent I can say this is a great family movie, it's got comedy, action and a little romance too. We all enjoyed it very much and recommend taking your kids to see it when it finally hits theaters on September 17th!        


*We would like to thank Maple Pictures Corp for the opportunity to see the screening as well as those who were able to join us on this special occasion. Also, a special thanks to my loving hubby for getting the tickets for us*           

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