September 30th, 2010 marks seven years that hubs and I have been together.  In seven years we have been through a lot of stuff most people would probably call it quits on. It has been a journey and some but we've done it all together. No giving up. That's what love is about, and that is how you keep a family a family. I have always promised myself not to let my family see the fate my parents did. I'm happy we are an "us" and that no matter what, he supports me. He encourages me and always has while everyone around me is telling me what I can't do, he's cheering me on saying "screw them and listen to your heart". I wouldn't have made it this far without him. We may not be married but honestly, you don't need the extravagant wedding and a piece of paper to commit yourself to another (although being a bride just once would be nice..).

This year we are planning on celebrating a few days late, of course we will have a nice dinner and spend some "one on one" time together on the actual day but on October 7th we are going to the screening of the movie "Buried" starring Ryan Reynolds. Hubs won tickets a couple of weeks ago :) Perfect timing, now lets hope this doesn't become another episode like "the switch" where I couldn't find a sitter. I let that pass, but this is our anniversary "date". I'm looking forward to it and I think we both deserve it.

I wonder what the next seven years will throw at us ;)



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