Most kids dread homework, it means spending more time learning and less time playing or watching tv. Last year she had homework in SK and hated it. Her words exactly, she hated it. Imagine that, she hated homework and she was only in SK!

Tonight when I checked her bag like I do every night, I found a new homework book with two sheets of spelling-writing homework from her teacher.

I read over the homework sheets where it said she was to write out the letters according to sound (eg. Telephone, T, "Tuh"). The last time we did homework together, she needed a lot of help. Not this time and she even said so herself! The only part I had to really do with her was the snap test at the end which is I dictate the letters at random and she writes them using sound. I think this method is great considering my little girl is actually writing and understanding what she's writing! I'm so proud of her for making progress so soon into the school year!

After we were all done she said to me "Mom, I wish I had more homework. It's so awesome!". It's awesome that she has had such a turn around about her attitude toward school and learning.  I wonder if she's going to think the same thing when she gets to highschool, college and university.

Until next time...keep dreaming always...



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