It's fall fundraising time at school!

Again this year the Terry Fox Foundation is having its annual Terry Fox National School Run and my daughters school is participating. We received the letter after school and I asked her if she wanted to participate in it, she immediately said "Of course!", well that was a proud moment. Last year she was a little too young to participate so the JK and SK classes weren't included in the national school run. This year, she's a big girl happy to do her part to help and it is an excellent way for kids to discover that they too can make a difference, give something without expecting anything in return except maybe a smile.

Terry Fox is a Canadian Hero who ran cross-country in the early 1980's for cancer, suffering from bone cancer himself. He ran thousands of miles with one leg amputated. His incredible story has touched the hearts and lives of people not only in Canada but world-wide and my daughter learning about his history and participating in an amazing event is a proud thing for me. I remember learning about him in school as well.

Aside from asking friends and family for pledges and because the school prefers we not canvas door to door, I set up a pledge page on behalf of my daughter for her pledge raising for St. Michael Catholic elementary here in Ottawa.  As you all know cancer affects the lives of thousands of people every day, in fact this cause hits close to home as we have lost loved ones to this deadly disease. Anything can help toward the research for a cure. Can you help?

Click here to pledge as little (or as much) as you would like...my daughter will be walking for Terry on September 30th 2010.



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