Although the month is just about over, November is Adoption awareness month and in light of this we had a lovely  book called "Adopted Ed" to review and share with all of you!

Adopted Ed is a children's story written by Darren Maddern and illustrated by Erin Fusco. This story teaches children about adoption as they follow little Eddie in his journey discovering his story after being teased at school by a mean boy about being an adopted child. Little Eddie guided by his loving parents, learns that he is just as special, if not more than any other child. It teaches that being "different" isn't a bad thing. There are even many celebrities that are adopted as well.

Although my children are not adopted nor was I, I still feel it's very important to educate our children about different types of families including families with children who are adopted and let them know that they too are special in every way. Adoption is such a wonderful thing, a child gets a loving family and a couple who may have once only dreamed it, now have a beautiful child to love. There is no greater sacrifice than adopting a child who needs you, in fact the author of this book was adopted himself. Adopted Ed is a fun, bright enjoyable little book for all ages! My daughter enjoyed it, she had many questions after we finished reading it. Educational and fun, learn more about Adopted Ed and more upcoming books by Darren Maddern at www.adopteded.com 

*This review was written in participation with the one2one network. I received a complimentary copy of "Adopted Ed" for review purposes. All opinions on this blog are honest and my own*


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