The holiday season is just around the corner, that means Christmas time and more social gathers so less time to put into the everyday of housekeeping.

We are getting ready for the holidays around here this week. Starting day 1 with a thorough clean of the place including cleaning those leaves in the backyard, you never know what's hiding under those leaves so huge thanks to dh for taking care of that!

Next up on my list is organizing and getting rid of junk I seriously do not need to be keeping like old clothes nobody wears, old toys, broken stuff we put away to someday "fix" and never got around to it. General clutter.

Okay I am not a clean freak, but I like my house looking good and tidy however I am somewhat disorganized. I do organize but it doesn't last. Like the linen closet I spent time folding & placing just to have it rampaged not even a week later by the kids looking for a towel or facecloth. Closets get junk piled in them "for now" that lasts a while, until I get fed up and make time to redo it.

It needs to be done and done this week so this is a goal, for my sanity and sanity of my family - get the place organized before it's time to decorate. All it'll take is a few boxes, bags and a whole lot of patience ;-)

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