Tonight I learned that my son has become super picky. When it comes to dressing him for bed the quicker the better due to everyone just being tired and sometimes this results in mixed-matched pjs.

Tonight I threw together batman pj bottoms and a dinosaur t-shirt for the munchkin who's been extra cranky today. So, we put the pants on and everythings cool but then when it came time to put the dinosaur t-shirt on the little guy yells "No no no!" and runs away from it.

I asked him what's wrong with the shirt and he replies "Baman stirt", pushing the t-shirt in my hand away.

So, I rummaged through still not seeing where the batman shirt was and tried another shirt with fish on it. No dice. He yelled at me and protested my attempt to just get any shirt on him, no he wanted "Baman!"

After a thorough search of his closet I found it in his drawer, put it on him and he smiled.

It's funny how the little personality is starting to come out in him, he's becoming specific in what he wants not only in clothes but food, toys, tv shows, etc. Pretty much anything and as long as it's in reason like his batman shirt, why not let him be happy.

To anyone else it's just a shirt but to my little man he's a super hero in his matching pjs.

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  1. Very true on this sister in law...Good job on your website!!!Your the best!Love you and your little family very very mutch,,,bye bye xxx Mélanie

  2. Aww that is cute - and its starting at a young age...maybe this means that you would have to be embarrassed when he decides he wants to dress himself for school and everything is mismatched...he wants to match!


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