Tonight was parent-teacher meeting night at K's school and it was totally opposite to what I had played out in my mind. Thinking back to last year's "Your daughter is a lovely child however..." parent-teacher meeting that left me wondering about my parenting skills, my daughters behaviour and the school itself. I left the school that night feeling heartbroken and like a complete failure.

I liked K's teacher last year, she was a nice lady but K didn't always agree with her. In fact, I think she spent more time on the "time out" chair than actual learning time in the short period of half-days she was there. That's how bad it was. I don't know if it was my actual child or the teacher, either way she made it into grade 1 and is moving on up which was what we were hoping for.

I really like her teacher this year, K tells me his name is "Mr. D" and he's always happy. We met him briefly at the beginning of the year but otherwise just kept in touch via notes in K's homework book about her progress, what she's been doing or anything that would have happened in class that we would need to be made aware of. So, tonight hubby stayed home with the munchkins and worked on his basement and I went to meet the famous "Mr. D" K always brags about when she comes home from school almost every day.

I wasn't expecting the type of teacher I met that's for sure. He was laid back, easy-going, super happy and super friendly certainly a fun personality to work with children! He began by saying "First off, let me start by saying I really LOVE K, she's so bright and funny!".  He had nothing but good things to say about my daughter which made my heart just glow.  He didn't make any "mistakes' shes made into a big deal, it's all about learning and that's what she's doing. It was nice to see a teacher that actually cares about his students and encourages them telling them its OK to make a mistake, unlike some we've had the honour of dealing with in the past. It's nice to know that my daughter goes to school every day with a teacher she can look up to, she respects him and she loves school because of it all.

I left the school feeling very proud of my daughter tonight and like I'm actually doing something right when it comes to school. As soon as I got home she was asking me what Mr.D said about her and I told her he had only good things to say. That put a huge smile on her face, I could tell in her eyes she was worried I would come home disappointed by something and I didn't, far from it. I am proud of her beyond words, there were so many times I worried that things would just spiral in the wrong direction when it came to school. She didn't like it, she didn't like her classmates and some days she wanted nothing to do with it altogether and I know that isn't her. All I wanted was for her to enjoy learning, enjoy experiencing school and be happy doing it. It feels good seeing her smile knowing her class is going to the library that day or its Friday which means "Friday fun tubs". Like they say, you do what makes you happy and school finally makes her happy. I am happy when my kids are happy.

To all the teachers out there like K's who actually take the time to show concern, consideration and compassion for both student and parents, thank you. You are the reason our kids thrive in the classroom!

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  1. Parent's Teacher's Night

    Congrats! to K!. And to the teacher who was mentioned in the blog. Compassion and trust between parents, teacher and child, will make for a very happy school environment and a happy place at home.
    Good work K! I know you love school and you will become great in anything you choose to do!
    Love Grandmaxxxx


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