Last night K baked (almost) all by herself! She wanted to make cupcakes and wear her pink apron that goes with her "Princess Sweets & Treats" cupcake decorating book she got for Christmas.

We were supposed to make them Monday night but things have been a little crazy so we saved it for a couple of days.

She was so happy to finally make something on her own. Since it was late she made betty crocker devils food cupcakes.

I gathered the needed ingredients for her - eggs, vegetable oil & water + the mix and let her put it all together.

Like most kids learning how to bake she did drop the entire egg, shell and all into the mix but we saved it! No tiny pieces of shell I promise!

She used the mixer herself, I'm happy she listened and did not lift it out of the bowl until she was done and turned off the mixer. That would've been a messy mistake.

She had a little trouble pouring the batter into the cups. Rather batter landed around the cups, on the counter and she ate some along the way.

20 minutes later - chocolate cupcake perfection made by my little girl.

It made me smile seeing her so proud of herself. She made her first batch of cupcakes with barely any help except using the stove of course.

Maybe she will have a love for baking like I had growing up!

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