The flu has infected our household - well, just K has it but it's been effecting the rest of us. Seeing your child sick is no fun for any parent!

It began Friday after supper she complained her stomach was hurting. I checked her for fever. None. So we assumed she over ate at dinner, deep down hoping it wasn't the flu that's going around.

Saturday morning rolls around and the sore stomach was still there accompanied by a warmer feeling K. Again, took her temperature. No fever. So we gave her childrens Tylenol for pain & fever prevention.

By supper time she had a full-blown fever of 102°F. She didn't want to eat supper and put herself to bed by 7:30pm.

I wish we had gone to bed early because she was up almost every hour all night long. She was sick to her stomach (throw up) with a spiking fever.

Today she was quiet all day, laying on the couch. Thankfully we have cable, plenty to keep her focused on something other than feeling crappy.

It looks like we'll be staying home from school tomorrow. Which is kind of disappointing because I was supposed to arrange a meet-up with one of my fav tweeps @chancesmommy for coffee. She was going to be in my neck of Ontario. Even though I'm disappointed, I'm glad she's so cool & understanding.

Of course mommy-duty calls first. I need to take care of my girl. Let's hope tonight goes better though and most of us get some much needed rest!

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