My daughter is not a mean girl. She has a heart of gold and only ever want to make friends and be accepted by her peers. Often she comes home with stories about other girls making fun of her for being friends with some boys she's known since her daycare years.

The apparent school yard rule (made by the girls) is that boys and girls can't be friends.

Monday afternoon K came home upset. She told me she had a terrible day. Two girls at recess pushed her to the ground, pointed and chanted "K has a boyfriend!" until they made her cry and a teacher intervened. She had simply been playing with a boy from her class.

The mean girls were dealt with by the school.

K was upset for a couple of days. I could tell because she kept rehashing it over and over. She thought these girls were her friends and they hurt her feelings in a big way.

Last night I checked Ks bag after school like I always do. What I found made me smile and know the school is doing something right. Two pictures drawn by the girls who picked on K expressing how sorry they are for being mean on Monday.

K said when they gave her those she was happy and forgave them for what happened. I'm proud of her for being the better girl and accepting that her friends made a mistake. They were mean girls on Monday but by Thursday she called them friends once again.

As with any childhood issue, it's good to teach your kids to be forgiving but keep an eye out because sometimes they aren't just "mean girls". 

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  1. For once I tip my hat off to the school for dealing with this in the proper way. We're having bullying issues too with Audrey, but from a boy in her bus, and not much is being done about it by the school, but i'm dealing directly with the parent and it seems to be working. Super good job to Kylie for being a smart girl. :)


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