I thought I was pregnant.

Shocked? Yeah, me too but not in a bad way. I thought I had symptoms, but I thought wrong. Nothing was planned but it would not have been a bad thing either. We've always handled surprises well.

As I recall, the last time I had felt the way I did it was because I was indeed pregnant. Not this time. Not even close, stress can cause similar symptoms did you know that? Now I do.

During the month of December my mind was playing an emotional game with me, mixed with the stress of the holiday season had me almost positive I was positive.

To ring in the new year and get this constant question off my mind I took a pregnancy test at my girl friends house and the results were negative. Not being in my own element where I typically would have began bawling and feeling sorry for myself over something I didn't have to begin with on with New Years eve we went trying not to think about it and just enjoy the evening with our friends. Which we did & it was fun!

So does this mean we want to add to our growing family? I don't really know, maybe. Maybe it was the overwhelming feeling of a maybe.

I'm a little sad my "symptoms" were wrong but I'll get over it. At least now I know for sure and it's another question in my mind put to rest.

Perhaps in the future another little munchkin will be here but until then, I'm thankful for the two gorgeous angels I already have right in front of me.

God bless & oh ya, Happy New Year!

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  1. I think that when we crave being pregnant for real we get a tug on our heart that just doesn't go away for at least 6 months. That's when I feel it isn't just "baby fever." I hated being pregnant, personally, but that was mainly because I had so many complications with both of my pregnancies. That being said, I have to admit I sometimes miss those wonderful kicks from inside, hearing the baby's heartbeat at check ups, the moment you see a positive on the pregnancy test. Just knowing a life is growing inside of you is so heart warming.

  2. Thanks Danielle. This certainly has us talking. I had complications with my 2nd pregnancy & birthed a preemie at 27 weeks. So the thought of a maybe meant maybe feeling that pregnant happiness all over again, thank you for your kind words :-)

  3. I feel for ya...I have had many negative results but it is upsetting because I am trying for baby #2

  4. Keep your chin up Stacy! Good luck! :-) Thanks for your comments!

  5. Ahhhh! I don't know why I only saw this now! Sorry for the late comment! That EXACT same thing happened to me too and around the same time as you! Parallel lives, sister!! Only you're married to #notreynolds!

    Anyway, I was POSITIVE I was pregnant. But, alas! No. I guess that if we are meant to have another one soon, then it will happen. Your post just really struck me, as it was so similar to what I went through! xx


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