K always wanted her very own pet hamster. Unfortunately, I don't like the things and I refuse to buy them. Plus, we already have 2 dogs and a cat so it would just be something else for me (or in this case Daddy) to care for.

Anyway, after understanding this K begged us for the next best thing. A toy hamster, I'm sure you've heard of them: Zhu Zhu pets. Little toy hamsters that scoot around making hamster noises.

So far she's got four of the things and some accessories but she loves them and they aren't real so we both win.

We have rules with the Zhu Zhus and one of them is no sleeping with them. There is a warning on the box (plus I've heard stories) of the hamsters going off at night & becoming entangled in hair.

Last night I had a Zhu Zhu scare! In the dead silence of the night I heard it: Zhu Zhu pet sounds. Being half asleep I thought maybe she just woke up early and was playing until I realized it was 2AM. She had been playing with them before bed and must have fallen asleep with one on the bed.

First image in my mind was a Zhu Zhu tangled in her long blonde hair as she slept. So, out of bed I darted across the hall to her room.

Luckily the Zhu Zhu had been accidentally hit during sleep and was simply making it's way across the floor as K slept.

I couldn't imagine having to explain to people we had to cut K's hair because a toy got stuck in it.

Reinforcing rule: NO sleeping with Zhu Zhu pets!

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  1. Maddy also has some Zhu Zhu pets and I feel the same way...they are less mess than a real one so we both win! I agree with the NO SLEEPING thing...we reinforce that rule at home too - actually Maddy can't even bring hers upstairs with her! LOL

  2. Oh no! Good advice, my kids have been begging for


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