We live beside people who lack a snow shovel.

Before I begin let me say I have no personal dislike or anything against our neighbours. We have tried to introduce ourselves and they came off as uninterested, we stay on our side & they stay on theirs.


It's Ontario and it's winter therefore piles of snow have already fallen across the city yet we have not once seen our neighbours (who own 3 vehicles) shovel or plow their driveway or their half of the shared walkway in front of the duplex. They just drive right over the snow with their cars!

That's not what really bothers us though.

What bothers us is that my hubby is out there snowfall after snowfall clearing our driveway and our half of the shared walkway and these people have the nerve to attempt to use our driveway and walk on our side of the path in front of our windows!

We do not clear the way for their advantage, we clear it because of common sense first of all and secondly isn't it a city by-law to keep exit/entrance areas clear?

Today while shoveling our side, hubby saw the man who rents next door, the one who doesn't clear his part and asked him if he ever shoveled. The man cluelessly looked at hubby and said "No! No!". Really, no kidding.

So this evening we are sitting relaxing we had several people walking by our window and one had the nerve to look in! What the! Who does this?

I think if talking to these people isn't going to work we might have to complain. I hate that because I'm not one of those bitchy neighbours, we make enough noise ourselves but this and not mowing their part in the summer is too much.

We take care of our side I just wish they had the courtesy to take care of theirs.

What would you do?

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  1. I'm pretty sure its a city bylaw because of the safety of delivery people (mail carriers etc) to keep walkways clear.
    Before reporting, maybe find a copy of the bylaw and give it to them. Perhaps buy a cheap shovel, put a bow on it and leave it at their front door. Make sure they have a chance to comply then report them. Its a safey issue, pure and simple.

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