Today is Family Day in Ontario. Family Day is a civic holiday, the third Monday in February meant for spending the day doing things as a family. (Presidents day in the USA.)

We have always tried to make it special for the kids on family day, we have our own versions of "family day" quite often, it's kind of sad that they need to make a special day for something that should be an every day but then again everybody is different and live different lives with different schedules so yeah, it's a nice break for everyone. During the routine 9-5 work and other schedules often get in the way of quality family time

With that said, Family day allows people to actually have the time to take the kids out and do something fun or spend quality time doing activities at home.

We have been so busy lately we decided on spending the day relaxing and just being together as a family.

We don't get to do that often, there seems to be always something happening. One thing I make sure of on special days like today is sitting down as a family for dinner. It's our way to kind of complete the day as a family together sharing a good meal. This time I'm not doing home cooked though!

I found out last Thursday night that I was chosen as a Swiss Chalet Mommy Influencer through Everythingmom! I'm so excited to share our Family Day Swiss Chalet dinner experience with you so stay tuned!

It'll be nice not having to worry about all the cooking and the cleanup afterward too! ;)

Tonight I want to continue our evening story time with the kids, we recently got a whole bunch of new titles to choose from. The kids always enjoy when mommy and daddy read them a bedtime story and I always enjoy the time spent together - not being "too busy" :)

Enjoy it - whatever you are doing Family Day and everyday!


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