A couple of days ago I posted about my neighbours who don't shovel - well, I have an update about that for you.

Today as I mentioned in my previous post, we got snow again. And again, hubby was out there shoveling our driveway, front steps & our half of the walkway. Well, our neighbours finally kind of took the hint and cleared their front steps and a smidgen of a walking path stopping at a patch of snow between our side of the path and theirs. What the? Why would they make a boarder between the two sides? Is it a hint? Probably. Do I care? Not really but it was sure insulting.

(looking from the front door - our path is on the left)

Yeah hubby mentioned to them that they really should shovel before we got more snow and I'm sorry if they took that as an insult but it's actually a by-law. We recently got a community newsletter and I read it like the geek that I am. It says right in there it is the tenants responsibility to clear driveways and paths during winter months.

We won't mention the little barrier they made but it just goes to show you just because it's your neighbour doesn't always mean they'll be nice. It just annoys me that some people can be so ignorant!

Let's see how long we can keep this up.

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  1. LOL! That IS annoying. Wonder what's up with them? That is just plain weird. ;)

  2. Divided by 1!
    Alot of people do not read the community newsletter, therefore are not educated towards by-laws in their community.
    But the division of a laneway, by a tiny path of snow, well now, that's another story.
    Welcome to Canada! and Welcome to the snow!


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