Week 2 of our "Potty training bootcamp", as I call it is almost complete. Little guy has shown some progress, dirtying about 2 or 3 diapers a day lately. He's starting to acknowledge the washroom more. Before he took it as a play area to touch just about everything he's not allowed. Now he's beginning to understand it's a room for your "business" ;-)

He really impressed me starting last Friday morning though. When I went into his room to get him he actually asked to go to the toilet. Even though he had already dirtied his diaper, it showed he was understanding the routine of going when we get up in the morning. He asks now every morning and every time we go upstairs where the bathroom is.

As I said I was going to, I had looked up the pull ups potty training video to see if I can convince little guy that it's "fun". I found it via YouTube on my iPhone and played it for him in the washroom. Well the good news is that he thought the song & dance were great but he wasn't convinced. He just said "Again Mummy!" and clapped his hands. Still sitting on his throne.

Trying everything from the video to bribing him with candy to singing songs about it, nothing worked until we came up with this idea: I told little guy to go "rawr!!" like the incredible hulk -- he did. I told him to do it again -- he did. Then he went! :) He laughed and was proud of himself and I was glad at least something worked.

So now when we take little guy to the washroom we sound like a bunch of crazy people but hey, it works doesn't it?

Now that progress has been made a little less than 2 weeks back into the training process let's hope it continues down the good path! Maybe little guy will get his big-boy underwear by his 3rd birthday :)

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  1. Good for you Little Guy!
    Mom, maybe reward him with a little treat or snack only when and after he goes without a fuss.

    He will then begin to understand the reward system if he does his job.

    Good Luck!


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