There comes a time in every Childs life when they transition from baby to little kid. Losing the pacifier, weaning from bottle to sippy cup and the biggest feat of all: diapers to potty training. That's where we are right now with little guy.

It has been a very unsuccessful road so far trying on and off for months with breaks from frustration, both mine and his in between.

We've started trying again after little guy repeatedly created a Picasso of poop on his bedroom walls. Yes, I finally said it. Its embarrassing and most people would say a kid his age should know better but keep in mind he was born premature and had complications which effected his development.

Which is OK, we've always dealt with it and encouraged him. He's always taken his time on getting to his next milestone which makes him more confident because he's not being pressured but praised for his accomplishments.

So far we are going into day three.

Day 1 had a lot of protesting, crying, puppy dog "don't make me do this" eyes, and the whole kit but we stuck to our guns and he did it! A few times and wearing diapers still. He's not ready for big boy underwear just yet but I have a feeling it won't be long.

Day 2 was pretty much like day 1 except we dirtied less diapers.

Today he protested but that was because he had other "doodies" to do.

The hardest part now is really guessing when he has to go because he doesn't tell me and even if I ask his answer is "no way!".

So, if he has a drink we try about 30 minutes after or whenever I got upstairs for something I'll bring him to the bathroom at the same time. Constantly repeating myself "Do you need to go pee?" his answer "No pee-pee yucky!". Hmm so at least he's getting the point that yes, this is yucky!

I think tomorrow I will be getting out that potty training DVD we got from huggies. Maybe since little guy likes music, the potty dance might just work this time!

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  1. Every step forward is a good one. I'm a newer follower so I need to go back to find out more about your boy.
    I know we're a while away from potty training, but I'm reading as much as I can now so we'll be ready when it happens. I suspect potty training 2 at once will be a bit of a challenge.


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