Just when I write my letter to winter explaining that we are done, winter comes back at full force throwing another blanket of the white stuff on the city. I think I made things worse. Sorry about the snow.

It doesn't look like it will come to an end any time soon like I'd hoped by letting winter know how much I dislike it but again, obviously it did not work.

It's not as cold as it is snowy and wet which is just as bad as the bitter cold if not worse.

This extra wrath of winter does not make me embrace it any more than I did before. In fact I think we got even more snow this time than the last declared snow day.

It was a snow day today as buses for Ks school and probably most other schools weren't running. We spent the day quiet doing things at home like cleaning melted snow puddles, paw prints & shoveling the driveway! Well, I didn't shovel but I think I speak for hubby to in disliking winter. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Monday.

February is over and here comes another busy month ahead in March. Between birthday parties, Disney on Ice & the everyday routine, we are pretty booked.

Let's just hope winter is finished being angry about that letter soon. My kids really miss playing out in the warm sun.

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  1. Hoorah for Disney on Ice! Most jealous.

    No more snow would be good. But I did enjoy my snow day today. It was the perfect kind of day to do nothing. :)


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