Winter, We are done.

As you may or may not already know, I am personally not a fan of winter. I think I may have mentioned it previously. Either way, here we go again! I want winter to be gone!

Yes, the kids enjoy playing outside in the snow making snowmen and snow angels but I don't and I'm pretty sure most of you reading this feel the same way.

I could sit here listing probably hundreds of reasons why I'm not a big winter fan. Aside from it being COLD, I don't partake in most winter activities and not entirely by choice but because of serious hip problems I have. Year after year of being a by-stander makes me a little bitter too.

The salt stains, the wet cold socks and mitts, the slipping and the falling. Not quite enjoyable for a person like me.

Winter feels like it's lasting so much longer this year than others. Maybe it's those dreaded winter blues I get every year kicking in. Maybe it's the fact it's so damn miserable outside we are all cooped up inside stuck in eachothers hair most days. Having little to no sunshine makes everyone dull and cranky.

We had that one freakishly beautiful day last Friday and then *poof* unwelcome back Canadian winter. It's actually snowing right now. The sky is grey and my mood is as dull as the weather.

I miss taking walks without having to wear unflattering layers. I miss not having to take 20 minutes or more per child to dress them only to have them whine to come back in within 10 minutes because it's too cold/wet/whatever. We dont even go for our family walks. Not much fun trying to walk dressed like the pilsbury dough boy. I miss the sunshine and the dry sidewalks. I miss nice weather, I'd even take a rainy spring day over winter. I want Spring to make her appearance. I'm done with this season.

I'm not the only one either. Today on twitter I went on a rage about how I'm done with winter and tweeted "Everyone who's done with winter raise your hands!" - many responses on that. @DisneyTRAVELmum let us know there are still 25 days left, well she said "only" but I say still. Never know what mother nature will throw our way.

It's the people against winter. We win, now please go.

*Thanks @SharonDV for giving me inspiration to write this rant ;) I feel much better*

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  1. Do you feel better now that you got it out :)


  3. I'm not a big fan either, I can take a couple sunny winter days,and maybe some snow (only if its between Dec 24th and Jan 2nd) after that I'm done. I hate driving in it, I hate shoveling it (okay, so I never shovel it but still I hate the thought of shoveling it)
    Well you get the point, I say: winter be gone!

  4. I am so with you on this. I would love to take my little guy out w/o his snowsuit and a stroller muff and a weathersheild and rather just drop him in the baby bjorn and point out trees and birds and dogs. He's at that age where he's just becoming aware of his surroundings and everything is a wonder. How much more fun would it be - right now, if we even make it outside, he can't even turn his head in the bulky snowsuit or see past the layers and the weathersheild.

    Dear Old Man Winter, you have overstayed your welcome. Please go away. Thank you.

  5. Oh how I hate winter now. You know, I never used to. I used to be indifferent to winter. But this is my first winter with a kid and man does it blow. No car means waaaay too many stroller walks in the snow. Snowy stroller walks always looked so nice from afar. They are so NOT nice. A great arm workout, sure, but I have a 22lb 8.5 month old - that's workout enough thank you very much.

    Winter can eat my shorts.

  6. ok, I'll be the winter advocate. I can't say I love winter, but I don't mind it. Living on a farm, we have lot's of activities to do. We had a beautiful natural skating rink in our bush, super duper huge snow hills for the kids the slide down...and with the end of winter comes the maple syrup season.....so yes, i'm anxious for it to be over, but I still enjoy it to a certain degree, and not having to shovel due to good friends and tractors, it's not that bad.


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