My son got his first haircut of 2011, he was due. He was actually starting to look like a mop top or worse, the old Justin Bieber! I know, very scary!

We never take him to get his hair cut at a barber or hair dresser. There aren't any specialized kids hair dressers close by plus I don't trust just anybody with sharp objects and my kids. Honestly I would really not appreciate my sons ear being lopped off because he moves too much. All it takes is a clipper, two adults and an hour to cut his hair and make him look like a well kept boy once again.

He was such a good boy compared to the last couple of haircuts. They always turn out looking good but there are always tears along the way (mostly his!). No, nobodies ears ever got it. Hubby controls the clippers & he's really good (him, I trust). I control the flailing of arms and head moving. However the clipper itself is really LOUD and scared him the first couple of times. Thankfully he didn't move much and was mostly concerned about all the hair falling all over him repeating "What you doin' dad??". We just kept telling him "giving you a new big boy hair cut!".

Being almost three he does not enjoy being associated with anything "baby" - even though he's still in diapers himself. So mentioning "big boy" I find gives him a little boost of confidence he needs.

After the haircut it was bath time and some chocolate milk as a treat for being such a good boy!

So, here we have it: Our almost three year old little big boy. ;) He looks JUST like daddy with his hair cut like this.

Next it'll be my turn but please, no clippers! ;-)

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  1. yayaya handsome boy! Funny I had a haircut yesterday and they DID use clippers. S'ok though. I was tired of my long mop of hair and needed a big change. Long live the pixie!


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