Happy birthday to our miracle man. You've come such a long way. You had an early arrival at only 27 weeks and three horrible months of living in the NICU. It was hard for people to understand how helpless we felt. Every day was different. Some days we cried of joy, often tears of confusion and fear. After weeks of dipping in and out of sickness, you eventually gained nothing but strength and came home. Completing our family of four that felt incomplete for those long three months.

You beat the odds of a baby born your size. You were determined to thrive and grow, you never give up.

In three years you've grown from that tiny fragile baby in the NICU to an amazing, bright little boy we all love so much. Your wonderful character shines through bright every day. We are truly blessed by our children.

You love cars, trucks and boots. Maybe one day you'll be a car driver wearing stylish boots. You show your love for the little things like having your chocolate milk or singing a song with mommy. We'll miss these days soon enough. You're growing so fast.

You love your sister, even if she sometimes won't share her Zhu Zhu pets. She always looks out for you. You're like her in so many ways. I know one day you two will grow a special brother sister bond, I can see it starting already when you cuddle to watch your favorite movies or play together in your rooms.

You love the pets but your little hands are still too much for them just yet, give it time one day they'll be your best friends.

Daddy is your favorite escape when life isn't fair, he seems to know how to make you laugh that contagious laugh. He always goes beyond to make sure you and your sister smile, always.

You love to be silly with mommy and know you are always "Mommy's little boy". You always give that special hug after being wrapped in a warm towel at bath time. Those special times you wont remeber but we hold dear to us.

You brighten our days and let us know you love us with your smiling eyes.

You may only be three but someday you will see just how big you really are to us.

We love you and cherish every day of you. Happy 3rd birthday little big boy!

Love Mommy, Daddy & K xo

*We celebrated today with a small Boston cream cake and of course a gift for the birthday boy!*

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  1. OMG that is so beautifull. Almost made me cry. :)

  2. Gah! look how tiny! And look how handsome now...happy birthday! :D

  3. So wonderful! I totally understand your feelings...having a preemie can make you feel disconnected at times when they live in the incubator and the only touch they get is from your gloved hands. But when that day comes when they are free to be held (tubes and all)...siiiigh...an overwhelming feeling of relief. When my daughter was born at 29wks (almost 21yrs ago) she wore Cabbage Patch Preemie outfits and there was only 1 drugstore in Ottawa that sold preemie diapers! Products for the wee ones have come a long way!
    A very happy birthday to your handsome little man! You have a beautiful family!


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