As a parent I completely understand homework is part of learning and it's helpful practice but when your child goes from happy to angry at just the thought of having to do it, learning isn't fun anymore. That bothers me because learning should be fun, at least in grade one.

Homework in our house has been as issue since about two months into school. When one sheet of ten spelling words turned into more than ten pages of ten words in English and monthly vocabulary in French. It took us 1/2 an hour to 40 minutes when suggested homework study is 10 minutes each subject. The vocabulary is the easy part, K and I have developed a game with it spelling her "snap words".

January was when they threw math our way. In my opinion math homework should have been started slowly from the beginning of the year in moderation. Just like they did the vocabulary words.

Instead of simple 1 + 1 = 2 we have written problem solving including explained answers written/drawn. She can barely read let alone understand enough to solve these problems on her own. Guess who's had to teach her? You got it, mommy & daddy dearest. Part of the job, I know but isn't this why we send them to school? To learn the basic ABC's and 123's of spelling and math? We are here to help but it's difficult to teach not completely understanding how it's been taught in class having it kind of thrown in the mix so suddenly.

We always try to encourage positive attitude when it comes to homework and learning new things however with lack of understanding from both sides parent & child, we became a little frustrated.

I just think that for grade one, the written problems are a little too much. Maybe it's encouraging those parents who don't actually sit down and help their kids but for the ones like us who do sit down and help, it feels like homework for the parents. I'm not expecting her to know everything from school, that would be silly but it would help if the kid had a better understanding of the homework before sending it home.

Like I said, I understand where the school system might be coming from but it upsets me seeing my little girl unhappy about something she used to love doing. She didn't mind doing her homework, when it wasn't so overwhelming.

We'll keep trying different approaches and see if we can get over this bump. I know she can do it if we just keep positive about it.

Scary to think about what kind of homework she'll get next year.

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  1. I totally see where you are coming from. P gets a sheet a week but he is in full alternate days for JK. They started the numbers just after March break. I do know some kids that would do well with that kind of homework in grade 1 but not all. Have you thought of a tutor in one of the grades above? They could make it maybe fun in a diff way then you as parents are doing it? Just a thought. I know P was frusterated the other day with his sheet.

  2. Definitely a mention to the teacher. Doesn't help when they are tired after a long day. I expect there to be homework but the level of the problem I find is a little advanced...written problems: Jen has one blog and Ally has one blog how many blogs do they have? Show answers written and drawn. (Ok that's too easy but you get the point) I find it a bit of a strange method to how we were taught 2 + 3 = fill in the answer. Then when we could actually READ full sentences on our own got the word problems. Some of the learning is too advanced to suit the "average" child. Maybe I just need to get out of old school and pick up on this new method a bit more too. Thanks for your comment :-)


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