March break 2011 for us is in a week from now. We have a few fun things planned and a busy week with two birthday parties coming up! Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky to be so busy and find themselves struggling to find family boredom busters to keep everyone happy and content for March break.

It can be hard to make plans and find ideas when you're limited because of Childrens ages, weather, transportation, finances or even all of the above.

We've come up with a few fun ideas we'd like to share and help you spend some quality family time together & keep everyone happy during the March break madness!

- This first one is a no-brainer: Go to the movies. If you can't then have a fun movie day at home! Choose your favorite family DVD, make some popcorn, get in your pjs and enjoy!

- Have a game day, set aside a couple of hours for some family game time, board or video as long as you're playing together!

- Visit a Museum, Ottawa has plenty of fun and educational museums to choose from for a fun family outing.

- Spend the afternoon out at a place like Cosmic Adventures or Fun Junction. Okay, this one will cost you and it's really more fun for the kids but think of the smiles they'll have and how well they'll sleep that night! ;)

- Take a trip to the library. You can never go wrong with going to the library and letting the kids choose a fun book or have some quiet reading time together. It's local, it's free and it's educational. Only downfall is that it can be difficult to bring young babies or busy toddlers to the library!

- Take the family indoor swimming! Exciting places like the wave pool or simply the local indoor pool are a great place to go for a fun day of swimming. Why not, since you can't go to the beach in march unless you're in Florida.

- Visit a friend or family who's kid is also on March break. That is, if they aren't already doing one of the above ideas. A great way for the kids to get together and for moms to take a breath.

- Get out and get active. Take the whole family out for a day outside. Sliding, skating, skiing or snow shoeing, you can always find something to do outdoors providing there is good weather and it's not too cold or too wet.

- Check out the local community center. Often they run programs for kids & families during march break weeks!

Those are just a couple of fun ideas We thought we would share with everyone. Either way, whatever you do have a fabulous and safe break with your family!

Have an idea you'd like to share? Comment below, we always love your input!

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