As I mentioned before, we have begun our household spring clean up which includes redecorating the kids rooms. We started by getting the materials needed for D's room (which needs the most work).

With the help of dh's parents we gathered a complete Disney Pixar Cars bed set, stickers, boarder and paint for the walls.

Last week we were looking around for used beds. We already had the mattresses but the kids were both due for updated frames. We did not want to fork out hundreds on brand new beds because at the ages our kids are at guarantee they'll be changed again over time.

Needless to say we ended up getting both kids beds in a matter of days! Thanks to a good friend of ours for giving us her IKEA single bed for Ds and dh's parents for picking up that IKEA bunk for K's room! We think it's great that both beds are IKEA! We were browsing there to begin with!

We need to remove some large furniture from both rooms, get rid of un-played with and broken toys, paint & decorate!

We will be donating a lot and most likely finally having that garage sale we keep promising ourselves but never actually have time to set up!

The rooms still need a lot of work but we are making progress and I can't wait to share the final results with you!

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  1. Oh......we are just starting to re-do my son's room and getting RID of his Disney Cars stuff! I have sheets, curtains, etc. etc. He's all about the Star Wars and Superheroes now. And we will likely upgrade him to a double bed.....he currently has an Ikea bunkbed too.


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