Music is a daily thing in our house, it is a great way to get moving if you are working out, cleaning or better yet, entertaining the kids! We enjoy various types of music that do make "clean" versions of today's most popular songs but even then there are always questionable lyrics and inappropriate music videos to go along with them. Let's face it, when you have young children in the house chances are there is music that is too mature for them and music that will drive mom a little crazy (Kid Bops anybody?).

We were happy when contacted to review a wonderful children's music CD by Splash 'N Boots, in fact their fifth album entitled "Back in Yellow", funny enough a play on words to AC/DC's "Back in Black".

About Splash 'N Boots:

They've been called the "U2 of children's entertainment" and "authentic and sincere performers" who are "redefining the children's genre". Every one of their four albums has won awards, in some cases beating out household name entertainers for the honours. Now, they've become the Canadian Children's Music Group of the Year!

Nick and Taes Adams, came together as Splash 'N Boots from a 2004 Queen's University project and their multimedia success was recently thrown into the spotlight when their music videos were picked up by Treehouse TV!

Splash 'N Boots are sharing their authentic approach to music and family entertainment coast to coast in a tour in North America and around the world. Fans can meet them in person and dance along to the songs made famous on their CDs and online Kitchen Jams.

Splash 'N Boots are enthusiastic and genuine in their beloved songs such as "love of dance" and "Whoo!". My children have one of their albums "Razoo" and couldn't wait to hear this one! Upbeat and entertaining for kids, enjoyable for the parents. Splash 'N Boots is definitely a great duo to introduce your family to!

Interview with Splash 'N Boots:

1. Taes and Nick Adams, better known as Splash N' Boots...You guys have performed all over the world and will be on tour again this year. Where are you headed?

We have 2011 stops in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Bermuda, Spain and Turkey. We love touring because it's our chance to meet fans in person and experience the joy of seeing them sing and dance along with our songs!

2. How does your material/show differ from more traditional kids' musical entertainment?

What makes the band unique is that we have looked at the kindie rock wave that has exploded in the U.S. and have applied some of the principles to our music and live shows. We pride ourselves on providing families time to enjoy the same entertainment together. Mostly we are just ourselves both on-stage and off. We are not fake, or condescending to kids, and we understand that parents need to be entertained as well, so really try to work some stuff for them into both our live shows and CDs (similar to the way Shrek is equally entertaining for adults as it is for kids).

3. What is Kindie Rock?

It may be a new term for some but kindie rock is on the rise. It's a style of music that offers young listeners (and their parents) serious rockin' tunes and quirky themes that could easily be mixed with other adult CDs at a party.

Back in Yellow is a collection of edgy rock and euro-pop songs - think Barenaked ladies meets Black Eyed Peas. Marty Beller of They Might Be Giants guests on this CD. As does Chris Patterson of The Arrogant Worms.

4. How significant is it for you to have the video of your first single off Back in Yellow, Love of Dance, airing on Treehouse TV?

We are very excited to have our first video from our new album picked up by Treehouse! We think it is an incredible opportunity for exposure, and it's going to be great that the kids will know that song before they come to the shows. It's also wonderful for the kids who appear in the video to be on TV!

5. 1$ from the sale of each Back in Yellow CD is being donated to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital - tell us more about that.

We believe strongly in the power of music to help, heal and inspire. We've started doing like Kitchen Jams once a month at Sick Kids where the children in treatment suggest a song theme and we create a tune on the spot and perform it for them via the in-hospital TV system. Donating $1 from each CD sale is another way we can help these fabulous kids.

Take a look at Splash 'N Boots recent video soon to air on TreeHouse TV "For the Love of Dance"! For more info about Splash'N Boots, their CDs and how to buy one please visit their website www.splashnboots.com

*This post was written by A Motherhood Experience in participation with promotion of Splash 'N Boots recent CD "Back in Yellow". We received a complimentary copy of the CD for review purposes. Good Luck!* 

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  1. my kids actually like old rock. The beatles, CCR,ac/dc etc......which is fine by me, it's my favorite music too!

  2. Great giveaway. My kids are grown but i have lot's of little visitors we entertain. This would be a fun cd to play for them we could all sing along to.

  3. Right now we're still in that place where we can play anything for her and not worry about her learning bad words, etc. She love to dance, punk, pop, retro, she moves and we can dance with her. Soon we will have to move into music made for her and I love the thought of enjoying it with her.

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  10. My kids love to listen to any kid-friendly music from Wiggles to Backyardigans to VeggieTales!

  11. I follow SplashNBoots on twitter: @hmrcarlson.


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