We always encourage our kids, specifically our oldest, to participate in things at school that she believes in. In the fall, K signed up for the Terry Fox run. Although she didn't make her goal in fundraising, she had a great time participating and being part of something great with her school.

Typically we don't really participate in fundraising that has to do with selling things, we find it more meaningful when money is going to a cause like the Heart & Stroke foundation.

Spring time is here and with the change in season comes new school fundraisers!

Today the grade 1 students at St. Michael elementary school (Ottawa-East) were dubbed official Heart & Stroke foundation Heart Heroes and will be Fundraising for the cause. Our little girl K has decided once again she wants to participate and jump rope for heart, she's our little heart hero!

What’s a Heart Hero?
Being a Heart Hero means helping kids who are born with heart problems and helping all kids keep their hearts strong.

When I asked her why she wanted to participate in this she said because she gets to have fun skipping in the gym with all her friends!

The kids jump rope and raise money for the Heart & Stroke foundation. Plus with the more pledges they get, their names are put into draws to win prizes! We will be asking family and friends of course to pledge just minimum $15 to help K & her class reach their goals.

Pledging K is as simple as a click away, we've set up our online registration so people like you can help her reach her goal and raise money while having fun!

Our goal is: $350 or more but hey every dollar counts, it's for the Heart & Stroke foundation!

CLICK HERE to visit K's fundraising page and donate today!

Thank you for your generosity! - K.
We will be accepting pledges until May but you can always donate anytime by visiting http://www.heartandstroke.com/

*This is not a sponsored post. Heart & Stroke effects hundreds of Canadians every year, including those in our family. Our daughter is participating in a school fundraiser and requested we post this on her behalf. All funds go directly to the schools Fundraising treasury for the heart and stroke fund raiser through the jump rope for heart website. All opinions are honest and my own*

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