About two weeks ago we made a transition in our household. D, our youngest just turned three and was ready to graduate into a big-boy bed.

Dh worked hard redecorating his plain white room into a Disney Cars themed real little boys room, complete with his transformers toys and that old Woody doll of his.

It's been a big change for all if us. D has more independence, more freedom being able to get in and out of bed as he pleases. He wakes up very early, 6:30-7:00am most days now.

He refused afternoon naps in the beginning but slowly he's starting to realize he still needs them. We are thankful for that, those five-o'clock meltdowns are no fun for anyone.

Nightly routine has changed slightly, with the time change it gets darker later so with his new found independence D does not think it's time for bed before it's dark around 8pm.

K likes sleeping with the hall light on until she falls asleep (then we turn it off) but it was posing a problem because again, D would be up running around in his room.

We took care of that problem with a nightlight in Ks room which allows us to shut off all the lights and both kids are sleeping within fifteen minutes.

We have been working with this "lights out" routine for a little over a week and so far so good. Early mornings with less crankiness makes for a better day!

We are happy things are finally getting back into routine as far as sleeping is concerned. Dh and i have always been night owls. It does happen that our days don't end after the kids are in bed. We still have to clean up and get things ready for the next day.

Not being able to really relax until 10pm after an early and seemingly very long day was taking it's toll on us parents. A rested family is always a happier family.

Now that the kids bedtime routine is settled it's mom & dads turn to start trying to go to sleep before midnight. This I think is mostly about time management. Learning to organize tasks better during the day to lessen the load when it comes to bed time. We will work on it.

Proud to say we made it to bed twice this week by 11:30pm! Otherwise I think we still have a lot of work to do.

Do you have trouble getting to bed at a decent hour? Is it because kids need you or just not enough time in a day? How do you cope?

Share with us!

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  1. Budsie gets his new room next week. Very excited about having our room back but a little sad that he's leaving us for the other end of the hall. We shall see how it goes...

    Love the new site. YAYA for changes!

  2. I too have been burning midnight oil lately. Mostly I am catching up on reading the blogs I follow, writing my own posts....it's just so much easier when the house is quiet. Anyone of my 3 kids could wake up in the night - and the 18 mos. pretty much does every night - so I should be in bed earlier. But I just seem more creative at this time of night. It's terrible...I need sleep too! Who was that person who said we could have it all anyway! LOL


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