Today was quite the adventure as we had to solve the scary mystery: Case of the missing chiuauah.

You see, we have two dogs and these dogs go outside in the back yard to do their business. They usually spend about 20 to 30 minutes on nice days, running around and playing etc. Being dogs. Today however one of our boys went missing. The worst thing ever for a pet owner, losing a pet.

Our yard is fenced in but since the snow is melting, there is a hole under the fence at the back end of the yard. A hole probably dug out by a raccoon or cat, we'll save that for another post.

Little did we realize Mr. Ruffy, our two-pound chiuauah, decided to venture beyond the yard, under the fence through the hole he went. Our doberman was probably quite confused as to where his little buddy went.

When we noticed there was only one dog in the yard we acted quickly, anything could happen to a dog that size. We searched the house, often he follows one of us or the kids upstairs and can't get down the steps on his own. No luck. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the front, dh took to the back yard to call him and we searched for our little guy. I walked around the block twice with no luck and began thinking the worst, looking for him on the side of the road.

After a good 20 minutes of looking I finally saw him, or rather his tail. In between fences of two yards facing back to back. A swift scold and he headed on back to our yard, through the door and into his little bed. He's too brave for his own good so looks like part of the yard reno this year will be barricading that hole under the fence.

I'm happy we found him and it took minutes, not days. I couldn't imagine going on knowing he was out there, hurt or worse. At least he is safe and sound, even though he almost gave us a heart attack! Lesson learned, keep a closer eye on him. He is after all a family member we all love.

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  1. Thank you! I think I would have been beside myself with worry for days! He's one of my babies too!


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