A little over a month ago I won a voucher for a free bottle of the new Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam by Clairol through their facebook fanpage, talk about a nice surprise! I usually dye my own hair as it saves the cost of having to run to the hair dresser as often so I was excited to finally be able to try out this new product on behalf of Clairol!

Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam claims to give you full coverage in an easy 3 steps with no drippy mess, foam dye. Simply mix, foam and apply.

I decided since my hair is easier to dye lighter than darker we went with a medium-golden colour. 8G Medium Golden Blond. When I say "we" I'm referring to my hubby who always gives me his second opinion when it comes to my hair! I'm so picky!

The dyeing experience in itself is pretty much like any other - mixing the two first steps together takes about 10-15 seconds. The smell is potent, like every other dye I've used too. The coverage is really good with the foam compared to using a regular type of hair dye. The only difference is that it is not as messy, the squeeze pump helps distribute what you need mess free. You still have to be careful not to get the dye on skin or fabric but again, that's all dye. I like that they give you two conditioners to use: one for after dyeing and one for a week after dyeing to keep that new shine look! This dye lasts up to 8 weeks with proper care using dye friendly shampoo's and conditioners.

The final result was great! No brassy or partially covered hair. I like the way the colour turned out, glossy and vibrant, a big change for me due to the lightness of the colour but I like it nonetheless. I have used Clairol Nice'N Easy in the past so I kind of already knew this product wouldn't disappoint and it didn't. Maybe next time I'll go darker with a medium or light auburn.

Thank you to Clairol for offering such great promotions such as this one to their fans!

*This is not a paid/sponsored post. This review was written according to my experience with the product. All opinions are honest and my own*

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  1. I likey! The colour suits you & I might have to go out and pick up a box to try, I'm in need of a colour. Thanks for sharing.


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