Easter is coming up this weekend and the kids are getting excited! With a four-day weekend from school, what better way to spend time together than making the appropriate holiday crafts for the occasion: dyed and decorated Easter eggs!

Every year since I was a little kid we dyed Easter eggs. It was messy and we had to be careful not to break the shells but we always had fun, they usually came out looking great. We've passed this tradition on to our own kids who now, every year enjoy dyeing and decorating their own festive Easter eggs!

What we use:
  • Large Eggs as many as you need.
  • Easter Egg Dyeing kit. These can be purchased at almost any dollar store or places like WalMart for cheap.
  • A pin to make holes in each end of the egg (you have to get the egg out somehow)
  • A bowl to catch the egg that gets blown out, you can always use the egg to make a nice lunch of scrambled eggs after.
  • Crayons, markers, stickers or any other decorations you can find that you'd want to decorate with.
  • Smocks or old shirts and rubber gloves. Yes, the dyes do stain everything so better be safe than sorry.

How we do it:
  1. Empty the eggs. Carefully take the pin and poke a small hole in each end of the egg. Gently holding the egg over your bowl and blow the insides out, just don't inhale ;). This can be a little difficult younger kids but if they can blow up a balloon they can help hollow out eggs! Rinse your eggs in water to make sure no egg residue is left in or on them.

    Make sure your eggs are DRY before attempting to Dye or colour them. Any water that can leak out from rinsing them will ruin the decorations. Hollowing them out a few hours or even the night before is best for allowing them time to dry.
  2. Follow the directions on the egg dyeing kit box. Most kits come with everything you need from dye to a holder to dip the eggs. You could also use a sponge or paper towel and dab colour on the eggs, gives it that marbled look! Our kit came with baggies you put the eggs in and sort of mash up all the colours, they all ended up turning shades of pink and purple though!
  3. Let them dry and enjoy! You can place them in a nice Easter basket to set up as a center piece for the table or place them around the house to give your home more of an Easter look.
Just a note: our youngest is still a little too young to understand the concept of egg-decorating however if this is the case for you simply let them decorate an egg using crayola markers or have colouring pages ready for them to help decorate the house too!

Have fun! Although this is a craft that requires adult supervision it is fun! The kids have fun decorating using their creativity and we get joy out of seeing the smiles on their faces when they are all done. So proud!

Happy Easter Decorating everyone!

*This craft is intended for children ages 5 and up, adult supervision required! This is not a paid or sponsored post. This post was written with the intentions of sharing a fun Easter project with our A Motherhood Experience readers. All opinions are honest and our own.*

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