Monday night I attended the #Moms4Moms Twitter party. Moms4Moms was created by the owner of Have Mom-entum in partnership with a great cause "Every Mother Counts" using social media to spread awareness about how important maternal health care is to North America and around the world. They are working together along with you and I to help make a difference this Mother's Day.

I learned a lot attending this party. In the US alone, 2 women die each day from pregnancy complications. Around the world, the figures reach more around 100 women, per day due to lack of proper health care when giving birth. One of the main killers of girls aged 14-19 in third-world countries is pregnancy. Finding out about this cause made me think hard, I'm not really good when it comes to numbers but the stats on this were overwhelming. It made me think back to when D was born.

I went into pre-term labour at only 27 weeks and had we not had the health care we do here in Canada, neither of us would have survived. This is not the case for many. There is a lack of emergency services, transportation, health insurance, poor family planning and poor education for low income families and proper maternal health care in countries all over the world and we need to step up and help.

We need to raise awareness. No woman should have to fear giving birth to her child, no mother should miss enjoying the first moments of her new baby's life due to complications and sickness that they can't avoid because they can't afford it and don't have access to what we are so lucky to have access to here in Canada.

This year, instead of spending so much on your gifts for Mother's Day, why not donate a portion to good cause? If not, why not donate those old cell phones laying around in your office drawers that you no longer use?

You can help one of these two ways by visiting the Have Mom-entum facebook page:

- Micro Donations - Donate a portion of your mothers day gift money and make a mothers day for someone who needs it most.
- Donate your old cell phones - Hope phones refurbishes your old cell phones and sales proceeds are all donated! So, if you happen to have some old cells laying around, go for it! Make a difference!

Also check out http://www.everymothercounts.org/ for more detailed information and find out how a donation as little as $5 can make a difference!

For all the Mom's out there...this ones for you.

*This is not a paid/sponsored post and was written solely for the purpose of spreading the word in support of what these women are doing. Such a great thing. All opinions are honest and my own*

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