Walking is a great way to both keep fit and spend time with the family, in our case walking isn't strictly for health purposes but our basic way to get things we need done that are within walking distance of our neighbourhood. Call us an Eco-friendly family if you will.

As the weather is finally nice enough for us to get out for walks, what we think would be nice walks end up being dangerous walks because of one main reason: bad drivers.

Drivers who don't seem to have a clue, care about laws or simple know how to drive period. Red means STOP and why drive so fast? Is there a race going on? Seriously where do some of these people get their license from, the cracker-Jack box?

I have expressed this before and I will continue to express this: Drivers, you need to pay more attention to your surroundings and open your God given eyes. Get off your cellphones, don't do your makeup in the car, pay attention to what your doing behind the wheel of your vehicle, please.

What if one day you run a red light and someone like me who has her family, including two young kids in tow happens to be crossing assuming you'll stop for her light but you are going so fast or doing whatever else not paying attention and you can't stop. Think of what could happen. Could you really live knowing that if you had just paid attention and slowed down a life could have been spared? I couldn't. That scares me every time we are out because truly, you never know.

Today we went shopping around one of our local areas, one of the worst for traffic and bad drivers trying to be faster than the next.

The first one we noticed was a large delivery truck that  had parked in the middle of the sidewalk rather than beside the store at the loading/unloading area where it should have, blocking the sidewalk. Nobody could even go around the truck without walking in the street which happens to be next to a sharp curve that is known for people not yielding at. Not cool, especially when you're pushing a child in a stroller. The worst part of it is that the driver of the truck heard us complain about his incompetent parking and actually had the nerve to give us a dirty look. It's called a side "walk" not a side "park".

We continued and waited at the nearest cross light to turn red so we could get to the other side and start our errands. As the light turned red and we went to cross, a lady in a silver jeep speeds out of a nearby parking lot and cuts us off. I guess she thought where she had to go was more important than paying attention although we had the right of way.

We finally reach the middle of the cross way, an island with another stop light to wait at. We waited again for the light to turn red and get the go-ahead to cross when right before our eyes some idiot in a blue car slams on his breaks right in the middle of the cross walk. He tried to give this stupid looking "whoops I didn't see the red light" look and I lost it. I yelled at him "It's red for a reason! Pay attention and open your eyes!". If I had more time I think I would have torn a second strip off him as he nervously laughed. Oh yes, hee-hee ha-ha I didn't know almost  getting hit by your ugly car was such a funny joke, did I miss something? Imagine, we weren't the only ones ready to cross the street at that very moment.

If we hadn't been paying attention ourselves this day could have been a lot worse. We have common sense to pay attention to our surroundings, some drivers should take note of this.

It's pretty bad when you can't go shopping without feeling like you're playing a real-life game of frogger.

I know I'm not the only one who feels like this so those of you who drive, please be careful and courteous of those around you, on foot and in other vehicles. We all have places to go that are just as important as your and we'd like to make it there safely. Thanks.

To those drivers who are not all of the above, we thank you.

Check out this campaign video: Please Drive Safely (Warning: Video contains graphic images of car accidents caused by exactly what I'm talking about in this post, please watch with caution and make sure your little ones aren't around. Not for children but a must-see for all drivers who think it won't happen to them.)

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  1. Yes there are a lot of people out there that do not know how to drive. I was cut off by a girl who thought she could pull out in front of me and turn. I just about clipped her back end with my van! I had the right away as there was no stop for me. All she could do as I hit the breaks and horn was smile. Then you get the people who also don't know how to walk. They don't pay attention to the lights and cross where ever they feel.. I really feel there would be less accidents if more people slowed down and pay attention, drivers and walkers.. I am not complaining about you! Just those idiots that should not walk or drive.. stay home.. lol

  2. Great post and glad you guys are okay. Scary out there! i don't think I told you about the time my mom and I were walking on the sidewalk and this guy pulled out of a parking lot, missed my toes as I jumped back and hit my mom in the legs almost knocking her on to a busy street. Thank god he was doing a rolling stop not actually driving or we would have been killed.. He had been drinking at a local restaurant.

  3. Thanks for your input Jenn! Totally agree about the clueless pedestrians! I've witnessed it and I walk. Lights are there for our safety, people need to pay attention and open their eyes! So dangerous! Especially with summer coming...more ppl more cars...


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