We live across the street from a nice community center. There was a basketball court, play park, walking path and a public outdoor pool. When we first moved here this is what attracted us to want to live in this area, perfect place to keep the kids occupied and cool this summer without having to go too far from home. I for one can't walk very far anymore, my hips just won't let me but my kids need to get out and do stuff so this was perfect for everyone.

Last summer they began construction work on the community center. Saying goodbye to the basketball court and the public outdoor pool that was blocked off. We waited all summer long for them to get their building done so we could enjoy the pool. No dice. It went on into the fall, then into the winter and now into spring.

Dh and I were just talking about how we really hope the community center and pool reopen this summer so the kids can enjoy it. This morning the local community paper came in the mailbox and we saw this:

All this time and they didn't replace the old wiring yet. Wow. So much for enjoying the pool this summer kids, looks like we'll have to go all the way to the one behind K's school. It's usually packed with bigger kids too :( Not the most ideal pool to bring D and K. There's no park close by there either, so it's walk - swim - walk home. Lots of exercise will be had this summer!

Very disappointed though and K will be too, I hope this extension on the community center will benefit this neighbourhood in the long run. Right now it's just a big eyesore of construction blocking what used to be a view of the pool, basketball court and community center.

I suppose since it's opening at the end of the summer they will have some kind of community opening celebration. Before all this, they had a celebration at the end of summer when the pool would be closing for the year. We went twice and it was pretty fun :) We just have to keep doing what we're doing and wait.

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