I've been on a new shake trip lately.  Since starting Prairie Naturals Lean Whey protein powder I've been experimenting different ways to get my whey!

First off, like any shake you have to make it to taste or it's brutal trying to swallow the mix. So far, I've made different fruit combo smoothies using cherry yogurt, fresh strawberry, raspberry and blueberries. Those I made for hubby and he absolutely loves them, even he says he's noticed a difference having a shake in the morning added to his daily routine as well.

My most recent adventure brings me back a few years. When I was younger, still living with my mom, I used to make the most awesome thick chocolate milk shakes ever! Yes, they are probably full of calories and why I had a "J-Lo" booty back then, but in my case I'm not trying to lose weight so the more calories the better. I tried out my plain jane thick milkshakes with an added Praire Naturals twist to the blend.

Very simple to make:

Two big scoops of Chapman's Dutch Chocolate ice cream (you can use frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream but we had Chapman's on hand so that's what I used). Half a cup of milk (again milk can be low-fat, skim, soy etc to your liking) and two scoops Lean Whey French Vanilla Cream protein powder (you don't need this to make the actual milkshake, this is my added twist for my healthy mid-morning shakes). Blend everything together for a minute or two. It tastes like a malted milkshake.

The fun part about these is that they are simple enough to make and you can always add your favourite fruit like strawberries or banana and make an icecream smoothie!

Happy Blending!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are always honest and my own*


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