Last fall hubby caught a little squirrel. No, not to be cruel it was a baby squirrel that he thought was in some kind of squirrel trouble. I swear he wanted to bring it in the house but I would have none of it. He ended up feeding it bread crusts outside and that started a friendship like no other. Throughout the winter he fed this particular squirrel who kept coming back once in a while. Now it's Spring time, all the animals are out and about. Birds, bugs and yes, even Mr. squirrel came back.

At first I didn't want hubby getting too attached to this squirrel, after all I do have a slight fear of rodents. This includes mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, bats etc and well, squirrels are in that family. They have those sharp front teeth and twitch all the time (creeps me out OK?). I remember my mom feeding these squirrels where we used to live in Aylmer. She fed them every day right on her deck, mixed nuts she'd buy by the jar full. One day she had the glass door of the patio open so it was just the screen. She also kept a big jar of these nuts on top of the microwave which was located right beside the patio doors. One day one of her squirrel pets decided to take it upon itself to get the nuts and ripped a big hole in the screen door trying to get in. Thankfully we had cats and they scared it away. This reminded me of that time.

Now Mr. squirrel makes it a daily routine to visit early in the morning, I think he's starting to notice the routine that the dogs won't be let out if we see the squirrels in the yard. The dogs hate them and go crazy chasing them out of the yard. Pretty funny but I feel bad for the little buggers. Have a 100lbs doberman run at you barking, all white teeth showing. I'd run for my life too ;-) The little dog does the same, runs at them and barks but he's no bigger than a squirrel so they're pretty safe. His bark is bigger than his bite that's for sure. They aren't afraid of the cat though, probably because they've witnessed what she does to the mice and figure she has her fun with them ;-)

Anyway, yesterday morning after I dropped K off at her school bus I had myself a little visitor. Now, usually he only goes as far as the deck due to that  being easy escape if one of the dogs happens to come outside but yesterday he was right up the steps waiting at the back door! Usually it's hubby who goes outside and throws bread crusts and left over fruit/veggie scraps we don't eat for them.

Normally I wouldn't get close to a rodent but this one was different, he looked friendly and I could tell he only wanted something to eat.

I offered him bread, he took a few pieces but that's not what he wanted. Yeah my aim was pretty bad - I'm not THAT brave with him ;-) I leave that to hubby :)
I offered him a piece of carrot left from making K's lunch but that's not what he wanted.
Finally, I offered him a piece of apple left over from making D's breakfast apple slices. Yes! He took the apple and headed off into the cedar to eat it. It was pretty neat actually because he was peeling the apple before he ate it.

Call me crazy for writing a post about squirrels, no I don't have a lot of time of my hands (lol) I just enjoy nature. You don't see too many friendly "city" wildlife like this one. Even though really he's only being  nice because he's being fed. Thought it was cute :) I'll feed it, I'll take pictures of it but don't ask me to catch it or touch it in any way. The kids also like watching them through the window, K has even gone out with her daddy to feed them. It's good to show kids how to be gentle and kind to gods creatures, even if we live in the city.

Hubby has a new nick name by the way - Squirrel Whisperer.


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