My son is three years old, he turned so in March. Lately he's developed a little quirk that sometimes can be frustrating.

He enjoys playing with items that do not belong to him, like every kid his age he is full of wonder. The only problem besides possibly breaking the items is that he hides them.

He hides them in spots nobody would think to look in and he doesn't understand enough to tell us where he put it. It's one big guessing game.

His latest hiding spree was an item that belongs to daddy. While I was making supper and cleaning up, daddy was out and D got a hold of his xbox 360 headset and removed the protective foams from the ear and mouth pieces. Not cool, those head sets are expensive to replace and we only have one.

He left the headset itself on the living room carpet, the foams nowhere to be found. I was hoping he didn't tear them to bits.

K and I searched everywhere we could think he has hidden things before. No luck.

I went upstairs to try and ask him where he put them, still no luck. This was upsetting because we don't have a lot of things that the kids haven't broken or taken over the years so the xbox stuff is off-limits unless they play with one of us. It would be like if I caught the kids pounding on my netbook, another item off-limits to them.

Anyway back to the missing foam, after an hour of looking and tearing apart the living room I almost gave up. It was as if they had vanished.

I went to use the washroom and noticed the garbage lid half open - I took a peek inside and sitting there all along were those damn xbox headset foams fully in tact and unharmed.

I don't know why he does this maybe a game to him or something.

What he took and where he hid is is funny now but what if he does it with something really important like keys or money. Luckily we are aware of his antics and keep those things out of sight but you never know what kids will get in to.

Next time something goes missing, we'll have to remember to check the trash first.

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  1. They will always keep you guessing. I'm glad you found the foam.


  2. LOL -- I can laugh, I've been there sooo many times! My keys, my cell phone, the tape (????), and any other little odds and end not put out of reach. Good rule of thumb is to always check Every trash bin...they see you put stuff in there all day long afterll. Then I check our floor vents -- why else would the slots be Just Big Enough for my keys to fit through? Then I check my plants, because a jungle adventure IS so much fun. LOL
    You'd be amazed where I have found stuff, from this game and 3 kids over the years!

    Blog looks fantastic by the way! Love the color, and will grab your button for my page.


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