Every year since we have moved here Dh takes good care of our back yard. He turned what used to be a disgusting mud pit, into a beautiful backyard "oasis". He planted and tended to new grass, our pretty flower garden on the side of the house is blooming more and more.

He built up our back yard and made it livable for our busy family. A nice wooden patio-deck we entertain on, surrounded by pretty flowers and his recent project, an overhead lattice entrance to the deck for the vines that always try to grow into our house. He did an amazing job and the best part is he didn't spend a fortune doing it. Just time and love.

We love sitting out on the patio on sunny mornings. Sunshine hits directly on the deck, also perfect for setting up the kids pool so they can cool off on hot summer afternoons.

Get togethers are less crowded when its nice and everyone can sit outside in the sun or under the umbrella. Our summer celebrations will be even better this year.

I'm looking forward to another summer of memories, right in my back yard.

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  1. looks lovely! Now if the sun would just shine a little more in our region!


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