My kids love wearing clogs in the summer, you know the ones you can get for like two bucks at most Dollaramas? Well, my son got a black pair just a couple of weeks ago and then they went missing.

For a couple of days he had to wear his running shoes, even insisted those were not like his black clogs.

I looked everywhere, or what I thought was everywhere. Underneath the stroller, in our black bag we take out when we run errands, in his closet, under the beds. I even checked his sisters room incase he took them off in there. Nope, no black clogs.

I have a little theory when it comes to situations like these, stop looking for it and it will show up.

Before we went out the other day I again searched for the black clogs as we were going to the park and I really didn't want his running shoes ruined with sand. Still no luck so I gave up and figured they'd turn up when they felt like it.

Tonight I went to put the bucket of water from washing the floors downstairs and I saw them. Sitting on my white shelf in my laundry room, D's little black clogs! I laughed when I saw those. Case of the missing clogs solved, I think I may have brought them in with the stroller, became distracted and placed them on the shelf. Unless they just magically climbed up themselves.

Have you ever misplaced something only to have it turn up in some unusual place? Share your story!

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