When kids hear the words "We are having fish for supper" the faces begin, well at least with my oldest. They often don't like fish no  matter how you dress it up. Breaded, baked, fried or frozen they just turn their noses up to it. My kids aren't very picky with food but if I mention to my oldest that we are buying or worse, making fish she automatically assumes it will be yucky. We have tried a couple of different brands with her to see and so far she refuses it.

My family are big fans of Janes Family Foods. We really enjoy the chicken but have never thought about buying their fish products. The chicken is always really good. Seasoned and tender just the way chicken should be, not bad for frozen foods! I like making frozen food as long as it is quality. We don't serve those no name brown meat chicken nuggets and things like that, they are no good you might as well go eat take-out.

Janes did a little test earlier this year with some Toronto kids. They wanted to see if these kids would make "the face" at Jane's Fish the way they did with others and the results were outstanding. Kids actually like Jane's Fish products.

When we were asked if we would like to take the Jane's Fish Taste Test we couldn't resist. I wanted to see for myself if we could get our daughter to eat Jane's brand of fish.

We received a nice little taste testing package that included a baking sheet, spatula, cooking timer, Jane's reusable insulated shopping bag and coupons for Jane's frozen food products. Those were so great I ended up giving a coupon to a friend too!

We went out and bought the frozen fish, we chose the breaded Tavern Battered Cod to start with. Janes fillets are always a good portion. One fillet each is good enough for the kids and we adults eat about two fillets and we are good with veggies etc on the side so a box of Jane's lasts a few meals for us. The fish contains

As any frozen food the instructions are pretty simple, heat the oven and cook them for about 25 minutes turning them over half way through. One of the reasons I like cooking frozen foods, simple and it doesn't take too long to cook for hungry kids. We went with fries and salad for the side. The kids always enjoy a nice fresh salad with their dinner, it's a summer favourite in our house. Very simple meal too, perfect way to end a busy day.

Well our daughter once again protested when she found out I was cooking fish. She did not like it, she did not want it, yet the first thing I heard from little miss "I don't like fish" once I actually got her to take a bite was "Mm mm! It's really good it doesn't taste like the other kind!", she liked it. I got to say "I told you so!". No problem with her little brother he enjoys almost anything I put in front of him.

Dinner went well, no faces or saying "I don't like that" after actually tasting it. As for me, I found the fish very flavourful, tender and good! I would definitely recommend these if you're like me and enjoy cooking quality frozen foods once in a while.

We can say that Janes Fish passed our taste test with flying colours! Check out Janes fish and other great frozen food products at www.janesfamilyfoods.com

*This is not a sponsored post. We received a Fish taste testing kit on behalf of Jane's Family Foods. All opinions are honest and those of A MotherhoodExperience*

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