In March a wrote a very personal post entitled "Crossroads" - about reconnecting with my father via e-mail after almost three years of no contact at all. A difficult situation finally put to rest and working on getting things back or at least some part of it. From March until now we have been exchanging casual emails. What has been going on, how everybody is etc. It has been good reconnecting over the past couple of months. I'm glad he is doing well.

This week a bigger step was made when I invited my father over to our house for a coffee and to finally meet his grandson. It would have been nice if both kids had been there for the visit but K has school until the end of June. He accepted the invitation no problem and came after his work shift on Wednesday afternoon.

We sat outside on our back patio, you could see in his eyes he was happy to visit and happy to finally be able to have his grandson sit on his lap. I was happy that D didn't play strange, although he kept calling him grandma (lol). I want the kids growing up knowing their grandparents and having a good relationship with them, not having to hear about them from stories and see them in old pictures. It will be good for everyone in the long run I think, just take it one step at a time for now.

I'm happy it went better than I had thought, there was not as much tension as I thought there would be. Today my father called me shortly after he got home from his work shift this afternoon. He called just to say hi, he let me know he wanted to make D a wooden pole puppet. He also told me he saw A Motherhood Experience and thinks I'm a good writer. Thanks Dad, I needed to hear that from you. :-)

I think I chose the right path back in March when I stood at the crossroads, I'm glad I did because I think if I had chosen to ignore it all, I would regret it as another stupid mistake made.

It feels like a big weight is lifted.

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  1. This is wonderful. very happy for you. my kids will never likely know their maternal grandfather. I haven't even seen him since I was a little girl. And yet, I've always known in my mind, that if a door should open...I should take the opportunity.


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