Today we took advantage of the nice weather and went out to run a couple of errands. Nothing major as we have already done our major grocery run earlier this week but we did entertain three rounds of guests yesterday and ran out of a couple of things we needed to pick up for the rest of the weekend and beginning of next week.

I admit I haven't always been a coupon user, I used to pay full price for things we use every day *gasp*. Hubby has actually always been more of the coupon user than I have. I never thought about it, forgot about it, well you know how it can get. Lately though coupons have been something I have been using more frequently since starting to blog, maybe it's because I have been getting and finding more coupons or the fact I have been following many coupon blogs and forums who have inspired me over the past two years to use my coupons more often. They are there to help us save and it's true, every little bit helps with the cost of living these days.

We have an envelope full of coupons of all kinds now, food products and household products etc. I really should organize it into something a little better than an envelope with an elastic band around it but hey, it fits into my purse and I know what I have in there! We get coupons from online coupon sites, product reviews, from the store, from friends, from product packages and just about anywhere I can find or print out a coupon that can help us save on the every day things we need for our family.

This round was pretty good! An order of six items that would have cost us over $36 only cost us $3.74, that includes tax and we purchased a bag because silly me forgot our reusable shopping bags at home, we have about 10 or more of those, we usually don't forget them since plastic bags cost 5 to 10 cents each!

We used coupons for Jane's frozen food products, Dempster's Thin Bagels, 1$ off lactancia cream, and an in-store bakery coupon for $1 off donuts. We bought a Tim Hortons coffee (just one, we shared it) and instead of buying Tim Bits, as good as they are I find the price is a little high for little balls of batter, we bought a box of assorted donuts at Food Basics for the kids.

So, not as extreme as that crazy smart lady I saw a couple of weeks ago on Extreme Couponing but we did a good job. That lady had an order of $400 for $0.50 or something insane like that. I don't typically watch that show but one night I happened to land on it flipping through the channels and became intrigued to see where she was going with her big order and stacks of coupons. I wish I could do THAT wow. You never know, this is only the beginning of my adventures in using more coupons.

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  1. Way to go! All it takes is a little bit here and a little bit there. It is amazing to see the savings even if it is only a few dollars. Your welcome for the coupon and thanks for the Jane's and helping us save $13.99 yesterday!


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