June has finally come to an end, so has the school year for 2010-2011. Our little girl had a long and difficult time of grade 1. She entered with a full heart, confident and wanting to learn. She found out along the way it takes hard work and discipline to make it through. There are rules and schedules to follow, things to do and routines to maintain to make the year go smoothly. We had our bumps, our ups and our downs. Laughs and tears learning along the way on both our behalves. We had our proud moments and moments we just wanted to hide from, but we made it - she made it.

Congratulations Baby K :) Mommy and Daddy are proud of you. In September you will be an official grade 2er, I know you can't wait too.

Come September we will have a whole new ball game to play but until then, enjoy your summer my girl. You've earned it, every step of the way.

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